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Why do I need Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

Over time, the natural ageing process and sun exposure causes an accumulation of pigments in the skin leading to age spots, hyperpigmentation or freckles. Skin pigmentation can also occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the body which can resolve naturally post natal or worsen.

Brown spots, liver spots, age spots, sun spots, sunburn freckles, lentigos, or senile/solar lentigines are all associated with premature ageing and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

These marks are located in areas most often exposed to the sun, particularly the hands, face, shoulders, arms, decollete and forehead, and the head if bald and range in colour from light brown to red or black. Most are harmless, but all are ageing and may be unattractive.

Café au lait and other pigmented birthmarks are localised areas of increased pigmentation in the skin, which are present at birth.

Treatments for Skin Pigmentation

Beautology in Bristol has various treatments for pigmentation including:

Regular and careful use of sunscreen is essential if new areas are to be prevented. We recommend daily usage of SPF30 facial protectant cream.

Skin Pigmentation Consultation

Please book a free consultation for skin pigmentation treatment with one of our practitioners who will discuss your goals and advise accordingly.

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